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The nudefruit story

From the farmer’s fields to you

The story of nudefruit begins in the farmer’s fields where our suppliers pick the freshest fruit that are then flash frozen within hours, packaged and shipped out to our customers across this country. We are extremely proud to serve you fruits that are mostly grown in Canada, many of which are from right here in Ontario.

Our farmers follow strict guidelines with respect to food safety, a safe and fair working environment, along with sustainable and ethical food growing practices.

Most farms we source our fruit from are LFP certified.

Local Food Plus Certification stands for:

> Environmentally responsible farming

> Sustainable production methods

> Reduced greenhouse gases

> Farmland and wildlife habitat preservation

> Fostering a strong local economy

In addition to LFP Certification, many things are being done at the farm to honour environmental commitment including a plastic bag free zone, no GMOs, Integrated Pest Management and Environmental Farm Plan (EFP).
Taste the difference! Support your local farmers and buy only the best and freshest fruit from nudefruit!

About Us - Nudefruit