Although our products are not organic, we source all our ingredients from Canada first and then US. Therefore we abide by the FDA and CFIA regulations and also Agri-Food Canada and the USDA with regards to safe practices.

Our aim is to provide you the best product from Ontario. Sometimes it is not possible due to the harvest which can be affected by weather, disease etc. If we cannot source from Ontario will will source from other Canadian provinces. If we cannot buy Canadian ingredients, we will source from the USA. We never source from outside of North America.

All fruits are frozen within hours of being picked which ensures that all the nutrients and flavour are locked in.

Absolutely nothing! Did you know by law you can add up to water up to 20% of the weight? We don’t do that. All you get with Nudefruit is fruit.

We are the ONLY brand to guarantee North American product. Many frozen fruit brands will buy their fruit from anywhere in the world and each time you have to check the back of the bag to find out where the ingredients are from. If you pick a bag and it states product of Mexico, next time it could be product of China, there is no consistency.

Many of the countries who produce fruit use child labour for harvesting. Nudefruit are proud to say that as we only source from Canada and the US, we are governed by Canadian and US labour laws.

Like all fruits, our nudefruits are naturally free of allergens.

FAQ's - Nudefruit